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Canada Migration Consultants In Kottayam

Canada is understood as a Migration friendly country. Permanent Residence within the country allows the Immigrants to settle forever and to receive insurance, childcare benefits, free lyceum education, employment insurance, retirement benefits etc.

Our team of the simplest Canada migration consultants in Kottayam can assist you find the foremost amazing skilled visa programs and supply excellent services and guidelines to make sure that you simply receive a guaranteed approval. The PR skilled visa programs offer a visa to foreign workers that are skilled and competent and need to utilize their talents for developing the country.

How to become a permanent resident in Canada?

  1. Express Entry Programs

If you’re knowledgeable who wishes to migrate to Canada through permanent residence Express entry programs are for you.

The Express Entry program

 Federal trained worker Program

 Federal Skilled Trades Program

 Canadian Experience Class


  1. Family Sponsorship

Spouse/ Common – Law partner/Children

Sponsor your Parents /Grandparents


  1. Work Permits

There are two sorts of working papers s available (open working papers and Employer-specific work permit or closed work permit). This may allow you to figure in Canada for a limited period. Once you achieve the specified experience, you’re eligible to use for permanent residence.

  1. Study Permit

Issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), study permit allows the international students to review at approved institutions for a selected time with the permit to figure during and after your studies. Once you gain the specified work experience after the completion of the course you’re enrolled in you’re eligible to use for permanent residence under various programs.

From the subsequent options, pick the foremost suitable one. If quite one among the situations apply to you, do research and make a perfect choice.

  1. Canada for Skilled Workers, Business People & International Students?

Based on its’ all-inclusive immigration policy, Canada has something to supply to each immigrant, despite their class, category, and occupation. The immigration influx in Canada is categorized into three; trained worker, Businessmen and Investors, and International Students.

Though the family immigration is additionally there to feature on the immigration numbers, the opposite three have gotten the bulk within the annual migration in Canada.


  1. Skilled Workers

As an example, there’s certain quite jobs, i.e., Engineering, IT, Healthcare, Construction work, Service Sector, features a massive demand in Canada,

as per the skill levels (Skill 0, A, B, etc.), categorized by National Occupational arrangement . Following the demand, overseas skilled workers are invited

to use for permanent residence through FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) stream of Express Entry and other PNP programs of varied provinces.

  1. Businesspeople & Investors

Canada is understood for various business immigration programs to ask more immigrants who can invest in and establish business and thereby promoting the economic infrastructure of the country.  They’re – Startup Visa and Self Employed persons. However, the candidates are going to be selected on the idea of their ability to take a position a particular amount within the country and thereby contributing to the Canadian economy. The country offers Permanent residence to the business immigrants and their families through different Provincial Nominees Programs because the Federal business class immigration is now closed.

  1. International Students

Be it their like world-class education, highly renowned degrees/ diplomas, fewer tuition fees, employment opportunities, or scholarships, there are many pretty apparent reasons why it becomes the perfect choice among the students. More, the Canadian Government has also eased up specific immigration policies for International students, which can eventually help them to urge PR and citizenship in Canada. Moreover, it’s an excellent country to measure because it offers a secure, economically stable environment and better settlement solutions for the residents.

  • What are the mandatory requirements for Canadian Immigration?

In accordance with the kinds of visa categories, the Immigration requirements for Canada may vary. However, there are specific basic and requirements, which are quite common for nearly all the Immigration programs in Canada.



  • Language Proficiency

To satisfy the academic requirement, the candidates should prove their proficiency in either in English or in French through language proficiency tests like IELTS

(International English Testing System), CELPIP (Canadian English Proficiency Index Program) or TEF Test Evaluation de Francis). The prerequisite score is CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) 7. The applicant must meet these minimum threshold altogether four language abilities.


  • Education

While applying for immigration in Canada, to avail points for education, the applicant should provide a far off Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report for degrees and diplomas earned outside of Canada. The ECA through World Education Services (WES) is that the commonest and most comfortable way of getting your credentials evaluated.

  • Work Experience

To be eligible to immigrate as a permanent resident under Express Entry Programs, you’ve got to fulfill the minimum required work experience stipulated by CIC.

The amount of years of labor experience will add on to your CRS points.

  • Medical Exams and Security checks

To qualify to maneuver Canada, the proposed candidate must be in healthiness and of decent character. They also got to provide the required medical and police certifications (criminal record check) with regards to an equivalent. After reviewing the appliance, the permanent residence is going to be granted if you met with all the wants stipulated by CIC.

  • How long does it fancy immigrate to Canada?

The total visa time interval is that the time taken for the whole process- i.e., from initial submission to visa approval. The solution is somewhat tricky, because the time interval always depends on the sort of visa category or the immigration program you’re applying for.

However, the phase isn’t in the least daunting, if you’re taking proper assistance or support from reliable lending hands of an efficient Immigration lawyer/ consultancy firm, who initiates and completes all the method like your ECA, application submission, documentation, etc. within the prescribed time. Canada features a point-based immigration system that permits points for various aspects of your submitted profile.

  • How the Canadian Immigration points system work?

While applying for Immigration, the candidate will encounter a comprehensive ranking system that allocates points for various elements of your profile, i.e.

Education, Age, Work Experience, Language Proficiency so on. However, this allocation of points varies as per the program you’re applying. as an example, the Express Entry System features a pattern of immigration point’s allotment whereas the QSWP (Quebec trained worker Program) has different point allocation criteria.

Hence, the entire process of those point allocation entirely depends on the sort of the Canadian Immigration Program you’re applying. To ease the task, you’ll coordinate with a reliable immigration consultant to urge complete assistance with regards to the migration point’s requirement for a specific immigration program.

  • Why your CRS score is important?

As already discussed, the CRS points are supported some demographic factors like education, age, language proficiency, and work experience. During a nutshell, higher the entire scored points, higher the likelihood of immigration. If the profile of proposed candidate are able to do the qualifying marks required for a specific immigration program, they become eligible to receive the Invitation to use (ITA) for Permanent residence.

It is advisable to urge your CRS Points Calculated beforehand through a real CRS Calculator, to seek out, whether you qualify for immigration to Canada or not.

  • How to migrate to Canada trouble – free?

It’s an indisputable fact that immigration to Canada is comparatively hassled free compared to other counterparts. However, expert guidance and support are always advisable to know the entire Canadian Immigration process that helps you to use for an equivalent with 100% accuracy. Errors, mistakes or incomplete details within the submitted profile or application may cause unnecessary delay or maybe denial.

If you’re that one, who dreams to settle in Canada, all that you simply need to do is to fill the free assessment form on our website and obtain your credential verified by our experts. You’ll book a meeting with us to urge the entire guidance and support regarding the Canadian Permanent Residence Application.

Our firm not only promises you the simplest visa processing experience but guide you thru every phase- from initial documentation to the time the visa reaches your hand thereby providing a smooth transition to Canada.

Our job doesn’t end there, once you reach your dream destination; get in-tuned with us. Our consultants can assist you explore the work opportunities in Canada.

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